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I am so completely honored that I was awarded the 2018 WeddingWire's Couple Choice Award!!! A BIG thank you to all of my wonderful couples for helping me earn this fantastic award!!! You are all the best !! The Couple's Choice Award recognizes the top 5% of local wedding professionals on WeddingWire that demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism. Winners are selected solely based on reviews from more than a million newlyweds and are determined by a combination of excellence in four factors: overall rating, total number of reviews, review performance from 2017, and consistency of reviews from year to year.

“This is the tenth year we’ve celebrated our top-rated vendors who have helped millions of couples celebrate one of the most important days of their lives,” said Timothy Chi, CEO, WeddingWire. “This group of dedicated and acclaimed wedding professionals, such as Cara DeHart Lewis Photography, not only make wedding planning simpler for engaged couples, but also serve as a trusted partner in helping to make WeddingWire the go-to place for wedding planning. We congratulate all of this year’s winners on their achievement.”

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2017 Awards - The Future is so Bright!

It's so nice to be recognize as an industry leader and I'm proud to show off these awards so far for 2017!  Thank you to all of my wonderful clients for helping make these awards a reality this year! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 

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Chatting & Coffee & Facebook & Instagram I'd much rather spend the time chatting on the phone with you or meeting for a cup of coffee instead of blogging - haha!! Most of my clients become friends and I hope that we do too!! So please save me from blogging and let's meet. If you want to keep up to date with my work, please follow me on Facebook or Instagram. There you will find my most recent images :-) 

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Bride's Abroad Magazine - I've been published!! :-)

It was a complete surprise this week to find out that a wedding I captured and Deborah Walker from A Florida Wedding Ceremony officiated was featured in the magazine "Brides Abroad!" The feature highlights a destination wedding on Clearwater Beach from this past fall with Sam & Lee from the UK.  I'm pretty excited!! 


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Karla & Fran - Sneak Peek from The Ritz Carlton Sarasota What a beautiful and perfect evening at the Ritz Carlton.  Karla and Fran decided to elope!  They were secretly engaged for months and then the night before the wedding, Karla announced on social media that Fran popped the question and Karla accepted.  However, no one knew they planned on "tying the knot" the next day! 25 minutes before the wedding, Karla let her friends know on social media that she was actually getting married! With just the two of them in the gardens at the Ritz Carlton, they vowed their love for each other.

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It's official...I'm not very good at blogging :-) I have the best intentions....I really do!! I will make proclamations that NOW I will start blogging!!!  Then I get lost in my editing, answering emails, or I'm just not at my desk because I am off capturing a wedding or at a session. The truth is, I am MUCH better at communication through my images then I am with the written word. I basically bore myself with my words - haha! I am much better at posting images on Instagram or Facebook. There is where you will find me attempting to show you what I am up to at the moment!  

In the meantime, family sessions are in full swing and I am enjoying this glorious weather! I hope this cool weather lasts a little longer - I'm wishing on a STAR! This image is of a recent family session. There are so many cute images to may want to mosey on over to IG or Facebook.  Here is where you'll find me (or click on one of those icons here on my page!) Instagram: Cara DeHart Lewis or Facebook:

I would love to hear from you and it would also save me from blogging while we are chatting ;-) ! XO 


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I've hired an assistant!! This has been my busiest year and this spring has been exceptionally busy.  When I actually capture a wedding, engagement session, or family portrait that is probably the smallest amount of work that is actually completed.  On the back end is emails, creating timelines, designing wedding album, bookkeeping, meeting with clients, meeting with potential clients, contracts, marketing and meeting other vendors, equipment upkeep, editing, phone calls, did I mention editing??, the list goes on and on.  Trying to keep up with my editing and complete my desk work in a timely manner has become increasingly difficult for me.  I'm a one woman show! I really appreciate everyone's amazing patience! I take my time with each wedding and while this is probably not the best “business model" for efficiency, it is my work and I take great pride in the images that I capture.


Since the beginning of the year, I have upgraded to a new faster computer, I have a new website where clients can view, share, and order their prints (if they decide to use my lab), I upgraded all of my software to the newest versions and while it has been a bit of a learning curve I am finding that I LOVE the new features, AND I finally hired an assistant to help me with my desk work!  Hannah has been amazing and even though it takes some time to teach someone your work flow, she has been wonderful and it has allowed me to really focus on the part of the job that I love the most – shooting and editing! She is getting up to speed quickly and I have already discovered that every day I have a little more time to spend on editing.  This is truly exciting to me!!  Happy June Everyone!!! XOXO

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Bye Bye old computer Spring is always busy and this year has been no exception! I spend more days capturing weddings and engagement sessions than I do behind the editing desk so a back log is usually inevitable! This year, my computer kept increasingly grower slower and slower and  s  l  o  w  e  rrrrrrrr.  Until I finally realized that although well loved, it was time to move on to a faster machine.  Which is not an easy process when you work with multiple editing programs! However, I have spend the majority of the day today getting my new computer up to speed.  I am "hoping and a wishing" that I will finally have a computer than can render my editing in a much more efficient blazingly quick speed.  Like The Flash kind of fast! Okay...well maybe not that fast, but if you are a fan of the series having Cisco or Felicity here today would have been MOST beneficial (I wish an inner dork emoji existed because I would it insert it here!) 

I appreciate everyone's patience as I edit your images! As a true artist, I take great pride in my final work and I take my time with the editing process.  After all these images will last a lifetime and beyond!!  Here is an image from my own family taken over 100 years ago at a family wedding.  My great grandfather is the tallest standing in very last row and my great-great grandfather is seated in the first row, last male on the left. I love the hats!! 


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Good Morning Monday!

I had a wonderful wedding this past Saturday on Honeymoon Island and a bridal show on Sunday.  I met some really fantastic soon to be brides too.  I always enjoy hearing about couples ideas for their wedding day and how they are making it their day!  Here is an image of the gorgeous Kara! Kara incorporated her mother's wedding dress into her own. She even wore her grandmother's wedding veil that Kara's mother wore at her wedding as well. Wow! I wanted to create a vintage looking image of Kara in her veil. I'm still experimenting, but here a glimpse into what I am doing so far. I hope you have a wonderful and healthy day! 

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Learning, Learning, Learning! I'm always working on learning how to further myself artistically.  It's a 3 steps forward, 2 steps backwards process!  I have some well meaning friends tell me how much they wish they had a camera like mine so they could take great pictures. WOW! I wish it was that easy and then I don't because I enjoy the challenge of creating lasting images. By the way... I taught my camera everything it knows - haha!  I just recently purchased some new equipment and I am SO excited to see how that helps me explore new possibilities.  I am also in the process of learning some new editing techniques that has me really inspired!!  See what I learned today above :-)

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New Year and New Website! I'm finally updating my website and settling into 2015 with a new look! I'm glad that you stopped by and I hope that you enjoyed looking at some of my images. Many more are coming in the near future!  In the meantime, you can check out my facebook page, instagram, and twitter. Just search my name or look for the buttons on my website! I'm here to help you relive the perfect moments in your life and I hope to hear from you soon. Until then... keep smiling. :)

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