Cara DeHart Lewis | It's official...I'm not very good at blogging :-)

It's official...I'm not very good at blogging :-)

November 24, 2015

I have the best intentions....I really do!! I will make proclamations that NOW I will start blogging!!!  Then I get lost in my editing, answering emails, or I'm just not at my desk because I am off capturing a wedding or at a session. The truth is, I am MUCH better at communication through my images then I am with the written word. I basically bore myself with my words - haha! I am much better at posting images on Instagram or Facebook. There is where you will find me attempting to show you what I am up to at the moment!  

In the meantime, family sessions are in full swing and I am enjoying this glorious weather! I hope this cool weather lasts a little longer - I'm wishing on a STAR! This image is of a recent family session. There are so many cute images to may want to mosey on over to IG or Facebook.  Here is where you'll find me (or click on one of those icons here on my page!) Instagram: Cara DeHart Lewis or Facebook:

I would love to hear from you and it would also save me from blogging while we are chatting ;-) ! XO