Cara DeHart Lewis | I've hired an assistant!!

I've hired an assistant!!

June 02, 2015

This has been my busiest year and this spring has been exceptionally busy.  When I actually capture a wedding, engagement session, or family portrait that is probably the smallest amount of work that is actually completed.  On the back end is emails, creating timelines, designing wedding album, bookkeeping, meeting with clients, meeting with potential clients, contracts, marketing and meeting other vendors, equipment upkeep, editing, phone calls, did I mention editing??, the list goes on and on.  Trying to keep up with my editing and complete my desk work in a timely manner has become increasingly difficult for me.  I'm a one woman show! I really appreciate everyone's amazing patience! I take my time with each wedding and while this is probably not the best “business model" for efficiency, it is my work and I take great pride in the images that I capture.


Since the beginning of the year, I have upgraded to a new faster computer, I have a new website where clients can view, share, and order their prints (if they decide to use my lab), I upgraded all of my software to the newest versions and while it has been a bit of a learning curve I am finding that I LOVE the new features, AND I finally hired an assistant to help me with my desk work!  Hannah has been amazing and even though it takes some time to teach someone your work flow, she has been wonderful and it has allowed me to really focus on the part of the job that I love the most – shooting and editing! She is getting up to speed quickly and I have already discovered that every day I have a little more time to spend on editing.  This is truly exciting to me!!  Happy June Everyone!!! XOXO